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The Controversy about Live Online Tutoring finally Resolved

Controversy about live online tutoringControversy about live online tutoring

The controversy about live online tutoring being better than home tutoring has dragged on over the years. One thing is certain though; live online tutoring has grown in popularity with each passing day. Most students who have tried it have come to prefer it over home tutoring for many obvious reasons.

First, let’s begin with a little history about the computer; the primary device on which live online tutoring takes place.

On January 24, 1984, Apple computers introduced the Macintosh (personal Computer-PC) and Steve Jobs thought of it as a device that should set people free. Since then, the world has come to view the computer differently; a device to set people free.

The controversy about live online tutoring is no longer news but first, what do you need to engage effectively with live online tutoring? The student needs only a computer or laptop connected to the internet and a USB headset.

Furthermore, this controversy about live online tutoring has been going on in the United States of America for some time until finally in 2007 its adoption rate rose to over 80%. Thereafter, live online tutoring has come to stay, surpassing the number of students involved in home tutoring for reasons we will point out shortly.

Why the computer?

The controversy about live online tutoring has a lot to do with the motivation factor. The question of whether motivation is a key factor in learning is not in dispute because without motivation even the most gifted child cannot accomplish long-term academic goals.

The computer is a device that motivates every child to learn. Sometimes being a good parent means promoting those devices that encourage your child to learn. That every child loves to learn with the computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet is obvious.

We see this taking place before our very eyes at home as is evident in those circumstances when we pull out our laptop to work at home or even your smartphone to make calls. Your child comes around with curiosity and is interested in operating those devices.

Since kids see these devices every day and are curious to use them, why not use them to aid their learning?


The Controversy about live online tutoring – Student happiness.

The controversy about live online tutoring also has something to do with student happiness. When a student is happy, it has a strong impact on academic achievement and is a determinant in retention and progression. In 2009, a Noel-Levitz study found that student satisfaction almost doubled the ability to predict retention.

the controversy about live online tutoring and student happiness

Live online tutoring enhances motivation and student happiness in the learning process. Your child can learn at their own pace and the learning is tailored to meet their need. There is greater interaction between student and tutor and flexibility in learning is enhanced.

This interaction is enhanced in the following way:

  1. Real-time messaging in the virtual classroom.
  2. Collaboration rooms to foster engagement.
  3. Tutors provide feedback through comments which the student and parent can refer back to.
  4. The live class recording makes learning flexible as the student can participate in learning even beyond tutoring sessions.

The controversy about live online tutoring started resolving itself when experts started looking at the students’ everyday life. Students make use of the smartphone and tablets and expect to use them in learning. Live online tutoring relates the devices they use in their everyday lives in their learning and this is a factor in motivation and retention.

Expert’s also looked at the students’ exams that are taken online like JAMB (Joint Admission and Matriculation Board exam) and most international exams like SAT, GRE, TOEFL etc. and decided that the time is right for online tutoring.

The Controversy about Live online Tutoring finally resolved

The controversy about live online tutoring and private home tutoring can be resolved in the light of its pros and cons. Therefore, let’s look at the advantages of live online tutoring over private home tutoring.

Live Online tutoring Benefits

1. 24 Hour Help

The time allotted to a private home tutor is limited to their presence when they are in your home. In contrast, live online tutors are available to help the student any time of the day.

2. Monitoring of tutoring sessions

Parents are not able to monitor the process of tutoring of their kids 100%. Live online tutoring sessions are recorded and can be replayed, this makes monitoring of tutoring session easy and effective.

The added advantage of the recorded session includes student replaying the session for greater reinforcement.

3. Security Issues

Most people take their privacy seriously and private home tutors will always encroach into your privacy or even cause security concerns. Live online tutors allow you keep your privacy while tutoring your kids from a remote quiet location.

4. Disappointments

The challenge of whether such as rainfall and other challenges like traffic jam or difficulty in commuting to your home can keep private home tutors from their tutoring assignment. In contrast, live online tutors are available 24 hours as those challenges are not an issue.

Furthermore, the controversy about live online tutoring is one controversy that has been laid to rest as a result of its advantages over its disadvantages.

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